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Top DIY Property Management Apps in 2019


Apps tailored to property managers are making property management easier and more automated. Not only can they help source tenants, they can assist property managers in following trends, consolidate information into one place, and remove the risk of human error.

Property management apps are designed to manage all aspects of working with both commercial and residential properties, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Communication
  • Reporting
  • Accounting

While there are many property management apps to choose from, here are some of the top options. 

  1. Instarent – An iOS and Android app that allows landlords to rent out their property without property management fees. It also allows tenants to search for properties for rent by owner only.
  2. Cubbi – A property management platform for owners to seamlessly rent property without an agent.
  3. Re-Leased – Cloud-based commercial property management software that makes life easier for property managers and owners.
  4. Lodge – An all-in-one platform that makes it a breeze for independent landlords to advertise property on, screen tenants, collect rent, organise maintenance, and more.
  5. Soho App – A social network that connects you to a real estate community and keeps you updated with market trends to be better informed when buying, renting or selling property. 
  6. PropertyMe – Cloud property management software trusted by thousands of property managers across Australia.


Instarent is an iOS and Android app that connects owners, tenants and tradies. Created by a property investor, AJ Chand, the app is designed to give property investors a simple way to manage their properties with ease. While landlords can control all of their finances from one place and rent their properties without a property manager, a tenant can search for properties and communicate with their landlords. The app makes direct communication easy. Even tradies can use the app to contact clients. 

If you are looking for a rental, Instarent makes it easy with live notifications and favourite searches available on the app. Once you’re a tenant, Instarent offers easy communication via virtual property managers to get maintenance handled and issues resolved fast. Landlords can save money on fees and commissions. They also can receive payments, get rent alerts, pay invoices and store transaction details, making it easier than ever to stay on top of paperwork.

Features include:

  • Adding listings to partner sites
  • Hiring of professional photographers and ad writers
  • Open house hosting
  • Entry and exit tenancy inspections
  • Communication between landlords and tenants
  • Chat, phone, and email support

Our top votes is for Instant as they have a polished team and importantly have been funded by the NSW Government which gives us a huge vote of confidence. Sign up for free here


Cubbi was created to make renting better for everyone by cutting out the middleman. The platform is designed to provide transparency to renting for both landlords and tenants. Communication is easy and instant. There’s also automation of reminders and simple ways to digitally pay rent and sign agreements. Potential tenants can even search available properties to find units near them. Cubbie charges just 2% on the properties managed under them while offering the service to tenants for free.

Features include:

  • Finding and screening tenants
  • Digital lease agreements
  • Bond lodgement payments
  • Condition reports
  • Payment collection
  • Free-rent valuation reports


Re-leased offers enterprise-level solutions for property managers, landlords and accountants. The platform streamlines property management by offering alerts, automating complex tasks, and managing multiple properties all from one central place. You can even access your information from any device, anywhere in the world, as the platform is built on and managed from the cloud. Re-leased also seamlessly integrates other software including Xero, Google Maps, Microsoft Office, CoreLogic, etc. These integrations reduce duplication and redundancy in management workflows.

Features include:

  • Access from any device
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Unlimited properties (pay per tenancy)
  • Automated reminders
  • Admin reduction of 75%
  • Instant insights and intuitive platform design


Lodge offers complete peace of mind for self-managing landlords. The simple to navigate platform allows landlords to find tenants, get paid, and manage paperwork all from one central place. Users can screen tenants, handle expenses and have all of their bills, receipts, and tax information organised for them. Rent payments can also be safely automated and are included at no extra fee.

Features include:

  • Advertising for and screening of tenants
  • Create and sign lease agreements
  • Automatic rent collection and reminders
  • Hiring tradies
  • Tracking of income and expenses
  • Tax reports

Soho App

Soho App is a social network for the real estate community, including landlords, tenants, agents, and property owners. The app allows you to follow real estate trends, find properties, seek tenants, and more. If you are a property owner looking to buy or sell, you can find an agent to assist. You can also list your property for sale or rent yourself. The marketplace is free to list on and you can create your own personalised news feed to help you follow market trends daily.

Features include:

  • Access to a network of buyers and renters
  • Agent search
  • Cloud storage for bills and payments
  • Online rental payments


PropertyMe is a software platform that helps simplify your workflow. From one place, you can manage bills and jobs while automating messaging and inspections. The solution even offers property accounting. It allows you to import transactions, tie in bank feeds, and deal with reconciliation and disbursements all from a central dashboard. The app goes even further by offering integrations with various accounting and property related software and companies to help you remove redundancies in your management process.

Features include:

  • Document management
  • Alerts, Reminders and notifications
  • Property and client management
  • Customisable insights
  • Real-time tracking of vacancies, rent arrears, inspections, etc.
  • A PropertyMe Manager App for iOS