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How the 7-Eleven Fuel app lets you lock in the cheapest fuel in your area


We all like to save money on fuel when we can and 7-Eleven has made that a little easier with a world-first app that lets you search local stores to find best price in your area.

The new 7-Eleven Fuel app, available on iOS and Android, gives drivers the ability to check out the 7-Eleven stores near them to find the lowest price.

Customers can then lock in that price and then fill up their car within seven days – at that price – at any 7-Eleven store in Australia.

The app, which uses a unique algorithm and geo-location technology, is the first of its kind that uses a customer’s location to shop for the best fuel price and then reserve that price for a week.


Users can search for the type and amount of fuel they’d like to purchase and then complete the purchase using a unique barcode within the 7-Eleven Fuel app.


And if the price is lower at the store where you’ve come to claim your fuel, customers will pay that lower price.


The 7-Eleven Fuel app is available now for iOS and Android.