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10 Aussie Tech Start-ups That Are Helping You Save Money


It’s no secret that ground-breaking start-ups are the primary drivers of any country’s economic growth. Australia is no different. It’s estimated that technological driven start-ups can create a minimum of half a million jobs in Australia by 2033.

Technological driven start-ups are in high demand currently because they serve three major functions. They produce solutions, make money for their creators and more importantly, save money for their users.

Some Australian Tech Start-ups are Making Waves

On average, tech-start-ups are currently contributing 3.8% of Australia’s GDP. While this is regarded as lower than some global markets, the good news is, it’s a growing market.

Australian entrepreneurs are not only contributing to the tech sector but providing their consumers with substantial savings! Some of the more popular money saving Aussie tech start-ups are listed below.

1.     Parkhound

If you’re a commuter you’ll experience great money saving benefits from this innovative app. Because Parkhound offers convenient, easy to find parking Sydney and across other Australian cities’ drivers save up to 50% in comparison to conventional parking options. How does it work?

In short, Spacer is an Aussie grown start-up helping you save money on parking and it can be searched for and booked via your phone. An innovative app links residents that have unused space with commuters or visitors requiring long or short term parking!

Originally starting in Melbourne, their goal is to help you save money as well as time. And because the parking advertised—from driveways to garages and car ports—is owned by locals in the suburb you want to park in, it’s easier to get a spot right nex to your destination.

With an online community of over 200 000, you can be sure it’s an efficient tool, available across the country!

2.     Canva

It used to be that if you wanted to print a customised calendar, greeting card or poster you’d have to pay a designer and a printer. The Australian design app Canva has changed that all!

Since Canva is a design app, all your design needs can be solved at the touch your fingertips, saving you a considerable chunk of money on third party design fees. In-app tutorials teach you everything you need to know about creating your own posters, business cards and even videos, so almost anyone can use it.

Canva has an estimated 60 million users in about 190 countries.

3.     Camplify

Are you in need of a much needed vacation? The only issue standing between you and your next time-out might be the cost of hotels. Camplify could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Camplify is a site that allows you to easily find the ideal campervan, caravan or motorhome for your next holiday.

Instead of needing a fortune to buy a campervan for a two week holiday or rent from a traditional company, this app puts holiday makers in touch with owners who have unused vans available for hire. With the money you’re saving, you’ll have more cash available to splash out on your holiday!

4.     Car Next Door

Another site that makes motoring extensively easier and cheaper, is Car Next Door. All licensed drivers can join the app for free and only pay when they need to rent cars, Utes and even vans.

The app puts licensed drivers in touch with owners who have vehicles to rent. Costs are considerably less than using conventional car rental agencies. It’s a quick and effortless way to rent an insured vehicle for as long as you need it!

5.     RecruitLoop

If you’re an employer, you’ll know how extensive the costs can be when the time comes to recruit new employees. RecruitLoop is a curated marketplace app where employers can find potential job-seeking candidates.

Employers can easily save 80-90% of costs that would have ordinarily been spent on recruitment agencies. An automated video interview feature allows recruiters to screen potential candidates.

6.     Classbento

Looking for a way to get creative that won’t require a huge amount of money? Classbento is an Australian start-up that offers fun-filled local workshops that are very accessible to everyone.

Simply book or gift a variety of fun artisan workshops or experiences online or across Australia. Cooking, crafts and arts are just a few of the classes you can take advantage of, instead of paying for pricey workshops from other institutions. Experience gifts are quite popular gift options, and you’ll find the perfect options on this app!

7.     HealthEngine

When you’re not feeling well, you might not always be in the mood to drive to your doctor’s office and then sit in a waiting room. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply connect with your practitioner through your phone?

With HealthEngine you can do just that! As Australia’s #1 healthcare app, it puts patients in touch with over 11,000 health care practitioners. You can arrange for free, same-day, home delivery for prescription medication without going to the pharmacy. For one thing, this helps you save fuel and transport costs.

8.     Tablo

If you’ve tried having anything published, you’ll know how expensive it can be. Tablo is an Australian app that aims to simplify publishing e-books to online platforms like Amazon.

It also helps you create a following of potential online readers. Since it’s already used by an estimated 10,000 authors in 100 different countries, it’s definitely a platform for budding authors to consider! Cost efficiency gets you started and by having your books ready for publishing sooner, your new revenue stream will be in place to fund your next book!

9.     Sprout Stack

Sprout Stack is a Sydney based agritech start-up that provides Australian communities with access to fresh, eco-friendly produce. The company focuses on the use of revolutionary urban farming practices to provide the healthiest local produce.

In-house technology methods have made it easy for them to create a cost-effective supply chain. Sprout Stack easily brings fresh produce within city limits, making it accessible to everyone. So, eat healthier for less!

10.  Hipages

Home improvement is an extensive and costly endeavor. Aside from finding the materials, you have to get quotes and find the right person for the job. If you don’t know where to look, it can become quite an extensive research exercise.

Hipages makes it simpler by listing various articles about the cost of jobs, photos of completed projects and contractors who can do the job. Find the right person for the job and save money by getting it done right the first time!

Final Thought

The bar has definitely been raised when it comes to Australian tech start-ups. Some of the top entrepreneurs have gone on to achieve global success and are well on their way to reaching market leader status.

And their success benefits you! And of course, when a start-up can save you money, it’s always a clever idea to try them out, right? Reap the benefits of their services and help Australians become the market leaders they should be