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The new Airxom mask that can guarantee you won’t catch COVID


Wearing a mask has become an everyday thing during the global pandemic but imagine a mask that can virtually guarantee you will never catch COVID. That’s the sort of protection the new Airxom mask offers.

The mask is basically a shrunken down air purifier that you can wear on your face.

It connects to a battery pack that you wear on your belt and is the first active respiratory protection mask that can filter out and destroy micro and nano particles.

The Airxom mask can also provide protection against viruses (including COVID), bacteria along with nitrogen monoxide, toluene, benzene and other common pollutants.

The mask actively protects users against pollution and viral and infectious threats.

The device uses an active air filter along with UV rays to destroy viruses and bacteria and other volatile compounds.

The company behind the Airxom mask says it has offers 99.94 per cent protection against COVID.

The creators said the product has been years in development and not something that was spurred by the recent pandemic.

The arrival of the COVID around the world in early 2020 was well along the development path of the device and it is sure to make it even more popular after it is released in the coming weeks.

It is unknown if device will be released in Australia.