Now you can download your favourite Netflix shows to watch on the go

Netflix has made it even easier to watch your favourite shows on the move by introducing a new feature – the ability to download TV shows and movies on to your mobile device to view anywhere and anytime.

This new feature is part of the latest version of the Netflix app on iOS and Android which was updated today.

Now members can stream at home and, when they leave the house, they can take their programs with them so they can watch them without using data and where there is no internet connection, like on a plane.

It will also save on your data consumption because before today users had to stream their content on the go at the expense of their monthly mobile data allowance.

Now they can load up their device before they hit the road and go away on that trip.

Many of your favourite programs like The Crown, Narcos and Orange is the New Black will be available to download from today.

To find out if your show can be downloaded and watched offline, look out for the symbol that looks like a downward pointing arrow on top of a line.

Users can also select the video quality – standard (lower quality and smaller file size) or high (higher quality and larger file size).

And when you’re finished watching the content and want to free up more memory on your mobile device, you can go to the My Downloads section, tap the edit icon in the upper right hand corner and tap the red X icon.

To start downloading to your smartphone or tablet you will need to update your iOS or Android app.

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  • Robert

    How will Netflix stop someone from loading up and suspending their account? As the app will be offline there is no way for Netflix to verify your account before allowing the app to play. Is there an episode limit or time limit perhaps?