Samsung finally reveals new Galaxy S III

Samsung has revealed its new hero handset – the Galaxy S III – which has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, quad core processor and a host of new and intuitive features.

The device is expected in Australia in early June and, according to the spec sheet, will also support 4G “depending on the market”.

The Samsung Galaxy S III follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful Galaxy S II that went on to became the most popular phone in the world.

On the design side the device is only 8.6mm thick with subtle curves. At launch it will be available in Pebble Blue and Marble White.

Powered by the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the Galaxy S III includes voice recognition and also recognises how you’re using the device and optimises the experience.

It does this by using front camera to identify your eyes so that, for example, if the user is reading an ebook or browsing the web, the Galaxy S III maintains a bright display.

S Voice is another feature of the new device which allows the user to issue spoken commands, conduct searches and enter text just by talking to it.

The Galaxy S III also understands your motions.

For example if you’re halfway through a message to someone and decide to call then instead – all you need to do is lift the device to your ear and say “direct call” to dial through to that person.

The Galaxy S III has 4.8-inch display has a high definition resolution of 1280 x 720 along with an 8 megapixel camera and NFC (near field communication) for easier content sharing and mobile transactions.

Another feature aboard the Samsung Galaxy S III is Pop Up Play which allows users to play a video anywhere on their screen while still running other apps and tasks.

The device also offers faster wi-fi connectivity using a technology called Wi-Fi Bonding which doubles the wireless connection’s bandwidth.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to be available across all Australian networks in either late May or early June.

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