Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses let you capture your content while staying in the moment

Forget holding your phone to capture your content. You can now stay in the moment and record and photograph what you’re seeing at the same with the new Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses which have been produced in partnership with Facebook.

The glasses are available in three different styles and allow users to take instant photos and videos of up to 30 seconds so you can capture those spontaneous moments using the built-in dual 5-megapixel cameras on either side of the glasses.

The glasses allow you to look up and be present in the moment without having to focus on controlling another device to capture the video.

The glasses pair to your smartphone via the Facebook View app using Bluetooth and it’s here where users can download content to their device to allow them to share it on social media and with family and friends.

When you are taking photos or capturing video, a small white light illuminates on the front of the glasses to make those around you aware that you are capturing content.

There are three different styles to choose from including the Wayfarer, Round and Meteor. And they will be available in five different colours.

On the audio side, the built-in Bluetooth and three microphone array allow you to be able to listen to your favourite music and media from any app while your phone is connected to the glasses.

It’s also possible to make and receive your phone calls hands-free through the smart glasses as well.

The Ray-Ban Stories glasses can be used hands-free and all you need to do is use the wake words “Hey Facebook” to take videos and photos hands-free.

For example, you might say “Hey Facebook, take a video” and then you’re recording.

The Facebook View companion app is available for iOS and Android users and not only creates a library of your content but a way to edit your content and share with family and friends and across social media platforms including Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp and Messenger or any other app of your choosing.

The glasses start at $449 and are available in 20 style combinations.

You can use them to record your daily activities like riding your bike or walking your dog and any of those other special milestones like your favourite music festival, a great round on the golf course or capturing a ride on your bike.

The idea behind the glasses is capturing the world as you see it – hands free.

There are also streamlined open ear speakers built in along with the Ray-Ban Stories three microphone array which deliver clearer voice and sound transmission so you can hear your calls and videos clearly.

The beamforming technology and a background noise suppression algorithm also provides an enhanced calling experience which is similar in quality to what you would expect from dedicated headphones.

The glasses can be charged much like a pair of wireless earphones – when they are resting inside their case.

EssilorLuxottica – Ray-Ban’s parent company and Facebook worked together from concept all the way to final design to integrate smart technology into the already iconic form factor.

The 5-megapixel cameras can deliver clear and sharp video thanks to a lot of processing going on under the hood.

The media capture has been designed to also handle a lot of movement from your head swivelling to take in a scene to the speed of capture from your bike or skateboard.

The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses start at $449 enter and are available in 20 style combinations. They can be purchased online and in select retail stores across Australia.

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