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LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition smart TV review


lg65uhdreview5LG’s 65-inch Ultra High Definition screen is a whole lot of television that not only offers sheer size but also four times more pixels than your average HD TV.

The new TV – the LG 65LA9700 to be exact – has a sky high resolution of 3840 x 2160.

In fact, that’s the same number of pixels as you’d get with four full high definition 42-inch TVs stacked on top of each other two by two.

Ultra high definition is also known as 4K.


The LG 65-inch UHD appears even bigger than it actually is because of the thin bezel that almost recedes into the background.

There’s a stand that runs the full width of the panel – and that’s just shy of 1.5m wide so best get out the tape measure to see if you can fit this big boy on your entertainment unit.

And if you’re thinking about mounting it – you’d better make sure the wall can handle 40.6kg of weight.

The LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV

With the stand it weighs 44.2kg so it also needs a sturdy base to rest on.

The top edge of the TV has a built-in camera for Skype calls while the bottom edge has to extend slightly in the middle to fit the LG logo.

But one of the coolest design features of the LG UHD TV is what you can’t see when it’s turned off.

Click the On button and what do you see apart from the screen coming to life? A sound bar elegantly slides into place below the screen.

It has 50W of audio from four speakers and a woofer built-in for excellent sound and bass to go with the excellent picture.

The LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV has a wide stand that's almost 1.5m wide


It’s hard not to miss the most obvious feature – the ultra high definition display.

It delivers excellent brightness and clarity thanks to the technology under the hood.

Even in a bright room, the LG UHD’s screen offered lower reflection from the sides but couldn’t avoid direct reflection from behind so you may need to pull the curtains to avoid a distracting shape on the screen.

The TV has the Tru-Ultra HD engine that can upscale content up to near ultra high definition quality.

The LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV has a built-in Skype camera along the top edge of the screen

This is a handy feature because there isn’t a whole lot of ultra high definition or 4K content around. Hardly any, in fact – for now.

Because there is no disk that can hold ultra high definition content at moment the only way you can view UHD/4K, if you had it, is by saving it to a computer hard drive or USB stick.

And to help make this possible LG has included HEVC (high efficiency video coding) which means UHD video can be played directly from a USB device plugged into the television.

When playing native ultra high definition content, picture quality is exceptional.

A sound bar slides in to place when the LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV is switched on

It’s not hard to see the improvement from full high definition.

There is a lot more added detail and clarity so that even sitting just inches from the screen you’d be hard pressed to see a pixel because they are so small.

Contrast is also first class with plenty of detail clearly visible even in dark scenes. This is enhanced because the panel can locally dim the backlight in different zones.

We did notice some slight traces of picture grain while we were watching a Blu-ray Disc on the LG UHD TV but that was more from the source material than from the screen itself.

The black levels are excellent and the display did a great job rendering natural colours, life-like flesh tones and punchy blues, reds, greens and yellows.

And remember the sound bar we mentioned? Once the LG UHD is turned on the sound bar slides into place and adds some nice punch to the experience.

The LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV has a thin bezel and can upscale content to UHD/4K quality

Sound bars a popular product at the moment but if you decide to buy the LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV – you’ve got one built-in.

LG includes two remotes with the TV – the regular remote and the smaller Magic Remote.

The Magic Remote puts an arrow on the screen and makes it easier to jump around the screen – especially when you’re accessing the apps and content from the Smart Home – the customisable page to access your sources, content and services.


The LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV is an ideal choice for viewers who want to future proof their television purchase.

It has excellent picture and sound quality along with upscaling abilities to make the TV enjoyable today.

And when the flood of UHD/4K content begins in the coming years you’ll be ready to enjoy it in all its glory.

The LG 65-inch UHD TV is priced at $7499 which will only sound high to customers who are comparing TVs on price instead of picture quality.

If you want to invest in a product that can constantly deliver excellent entertainment experiences, the LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV should definitely be on your shopping list.

LG 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV

Price: $7,499

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