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Uniden XDECT 6135BTU cordless phone can answer your mobile too


uniden6135Uniden is well known for making excellent cordless phones but its latest device manages to incorporate the smartphone with the humble home phone.

The Uniden XDECT 6135BTU+2 looks like your regular cordless home phone with a central base station, a built-in answering machine and two extra handsets.

But what this latest model includes is Bluetooth which enables the device to pair with your mobile phone.

There’s even a USB port on the Uniden’s base station to connect your mobile’s USB charge cable and keep your device’s battery powered up.

Up to four mobiles can be paired with the Uniden device allowing users to answer their landline calls and mobiles with any one of the Uniden handsets linked to the base station unit.

That means you can leave your mobile phones to one side at home or in your office and handle all of your calls through a Uniden handset.

It’s handy for a large household or even a small business.

Even if you don’t have a landline the Uniden 6135BTU+2 can still work with all of your mobile devices using Bluetooth.

The Uniden XDECT 6135BTU+1 is a home phone with Bluetooth compatibility

The advantage of that is not missing a call from your mobile at home or in the office because that call can be relayed to any of the Uniden handsets you happen to be closest to.

No more carrying around your mobile phone everywhere at home or in the office.

Uniden also make a compatible Long Range DECT Wireless Headset accessory – the HS950 – which works with the 6135BTU series so you can have handsfree access and continue multitasking during your calls.

And the beauty of the HS950 is that it has 10 times the range of the Bluetooth so it can be used all over your home or office.

Users can even download their mobile’s address book to the Uniden 6135BTU+2.

The Uniden HS950 Long Range DECT wireless headset can provide handsfree access to the 6135BTU series

That way they can see who’s calling them even if they answer their mobile’s call through one of the Uniden’s handsets.

And there’s even a conference call ability where an outside call can be answered and shared on both a paired mobile device and on any one of the Uniden’s handsets.

All of the included Uniden handsets – the system can handle up to 10 – are all identical with a slim design, a large bright mono display and a similar button layout and configuration as a regular mobile phone.

Call quality through the handsets is excellent thanks to the built-in HD sound which ensures voice clarity.

Calls were also quite clear on the handset’s loud speaker which was handy when we needed to keep our hands free to type or write while we were talking.

Set up of the Uniden system is quite simple thanks to an intuitive menu system which allows you to do things like set the time and date and pairing Bluetooth mobiles.

And the Uniden 6135BTU+2 is also wi-fi friendly and won’t cause interference with home or office networks.

Uniden’s XDECT 6135BTU+2 is a home phone that takes your mobile life into account to deliver a simple all-in-one solution that makes life a lot easier.

Uniden XDECT 6135BTU+1 (with one extra handset – two in total) $159.95

Uniden XDECT 6135BTU+2 (with two extra handsets – three in total) $199.95

Uniden HS950 Long Range DECT Wireless Headset $59.95

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