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Sony raises the bar with Xperia Z smartphone and more 4K TVs


sonyces1Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the smartphone space with its new Xperia Z which boasts a 5-inch screen and the best of the company’s technology in one attractive unit.

Unveiled at the Sony CES press conference, the Xperia Z will play a central role in the new range of Sony’s connected devices which include speakers, headphones and the latest Bravia TVs.

Also unveiled by Sony were 55-inch and 65-inch 4K ultra high definitions TVs which will join the $25, 000 84-inch model that was introduced last year.

Towards the end of event, Sony revealed it was also set on manufacturing a 4K high quality OLED (organic light emitting diode) TV.

A prototype was unveiled on the stage but embarrassingly it could not showcase its high quality picture because the computer connected to it crashed and left it displaying a blue PC reboot screen.

The Sony Xperia Z smartphone has a 5-inch screen.

Sony has also upgraded its Bravia Smart TV models with a new Triluminos display for even richer colour featured in the high-end models.

The Xperia Z has a quad core processor and a full HD five-inch screen, 4G connectivity and a 13-megapixel camera with HDR (high dynamic range) video recording seen for the first time on a mobile device.

The Sony prototype 4K OLED TV unveiled at CES today

Also aboard the smartphone is NFC (near field communication) which enables the new One Touch interaction between the mobile and Sony’s other devices.

One Touch makes sharing content like music, movies and pictures with compatible Sonly products like Bravia smart TVs, Sony speakers and soundbars, Blu-ray players and headphones.

Sony also introduced a new Personal Content Station which has a 1TB internal hard drive to store music, movies and images to store in one place and share wirelessly on your home network.

The new Sony KDL-50R520 Bravia smart TV

Sony’s Bravia TVs will now also be able to interact with smartphones and tablets which turn these mobile devices into guides and remote controls.

Sony has a new SideView application that can turn smartphones and tablets into universal remote controls and a tool to search for content across multiple sources using voice recognition.

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