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Uniden Guardian G2720 digital wireless surveillance pack review


unidenguard2At this time of year, there will be a lot of people planning a getaway but will still want to keep an eye on their place while they’re gone. And now they can with a new product from Uniden.

Uniden’s Guardian G2720 is a digital wireless surveillance system that can be monitored from within the premises or remotely from anywhere.

Homeowners are becoming more and more security conscious and, thanks to the advances in wireless technology and smartphone apps, a system like Uniden’s Guardian G2720 can meet their demands and offer an easy-to-install solution.

The G2720 contains two weatherproof outdoor cameras and a 7-inch touchscreen tablet-style monitor which can display the feed from up to four cameras at once.

Each of the weatherproof cameras is water resistant but it is recommended they be placed under some cover like an eave or a patio overhang.

These included cameras have a wireless range of 150m so there’s no need to snake a long cable back to the included 7-inch tablet monitor.

But one thing that is required for these cameras is power. Each can be connected to a regular power point and it is handy if one is nearby but not close enough or accessible enough for an intruder to simply unplug it.

The Uniden Guardian G2720 comes with two outdoor weatherproof cameras and a 7-inch tablet/monitor

Connecting the power is the most difficult part of the installation.

The ideal scenario would be to have access to power either in the roof near where the camera is placed or that a cable can be run from the camera to the nearest power point.

It would have been nice to have battery-operated cameras. But while that would have made installation far easier, the user would probably be up a ladder changing the batteries once a week.

Each camera also has a small mounting post and a mounting screw to angle the camera in the desired direction.

The Uniden Guardian also has indoor cameras which can be integrated into the system

Also onboard are infrared LEDs for night vision monitoring up to 12m in total darkness.

Footage from the cameras can be recorded on a SD card. The unit comes with a 4GB SD card.

The Uniden cameras are capable of detecting motion from between 1.5m and 5.5m away.

If motion is detected, the G2720 can be set up to send the notification via email which contains information like the time the motion was detected and the camera which detected it.

Users can monitor their cameras using a smartphone app for iPhone and Android

The beauty of the Uniden G2720 Guardian is that it is accessible from anywhere thanks to a free smartphone app that will work on the iPhone and Android devices.

The app can connect to the Uniden Guardian system and view the live feeds from each of your cameras.

And if you have set up the system for email alerts, it’s easy to open the app check it out right away.

The system is also accessible from any Mac or PC that’s connected to the internet.

The Uniden Guardian system is ideal for users who want to monitor their home or office and keep an eye on their children or their pets.

Uniden has a special offer of a bonus camera – taking the total to three cameras – if the Uniden G2720 is purchased before March 31, 2013.

Uniden Guardian G2720 digital wireless surveillance system.

Price: $549

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