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Ring Spotlight Cam review – simple solution to keep an eye on your home


The Ring Spotlight Cam is a simple and easy to install solution for your home and even better if you're already within the Ring ecosystem to increase the security of your home.

Ring has certainly expanded its range of products from its successful doorbell and now includes a range of cameras including the Spotlight Cam that helps you keep an eye on every corner of your home.

While the doorbell showed us the “always home” connectivity and the ability to talk to whoever was at our front door, the Spotlight Cam lets you extend the vision and security beyond the front door.

Tech Guide took a look at the battery-powered version of the Spotlight Cam which we were able to position and install in a matter of minutes.

The product is available in black or white and comes with screws and even a drill bit to allow you to place the bracket wherever you want.

We positioned the camera to look down our driveway to cover one of the areas we couldn’t see remotely through the other security cameras we already have.

There is a wired version of the Spotlight Cam which allows users to connect it to mains power and not have to worry about recharging the battery.

Our camera uses the same battery as the Ring doorbell which we normally have to charge every couple of months.

There is actually room for a second battery in the Spotlight Cam so it can last even longer between charges.

But being battery-powered gave us the freedom to place the Ring Spotlight Cam wherever we wanted.

And when you do need to recharge, it’s easy to access the battery pack through the quick release latch. Our camera was high enough to require a ladder to access it.

Naturally, the Ring Spotlight Cam is weather resistant so it can be placed with confidence outside in the elements.

Once we decided on the location, it was simply a matter of screwing in the bracket, attaching the camera and inserting the battery and then firing up the app to include the new device on our network.

This was done in minutes using the Ring app on our phone. We simply chose the product we wanted to add, connected to the network and gave the camera and name and position.

The Ring Spotlight Cam records video in full high definition and also has a 140-degree field of view to be able to see a wide area.

Another adjustment users can make in the settings is the sensitivity of its motion detection in case part of the vision shows a neighbour’s property.

Also onboard is a microphone and speakers to enable two-way audio from your mobile device or computer.

The onboard motion sensors activate the spotlight as well so your videos are always clear. There’s also night vision so you can take a live view through the camera at night and still see things quite clearly.

Through the app you can set motion alerts and even customise motion schedules to receive notifications, for example, when you’re not home.

And if you do notice someone on your property you can scare them off with a 110-decibel siren alarm.

We were able to take a live view through the Ring app from anywhere in the world.

The video from the Spotlight Cam was bright and clear with enough detail to make out people’s faces and even car number plates.

The two-way audio was also clear enough to have a conversation.

Motion detection was also pretty much instant – the camera doesn’t miss a thing.

If you’ve already invested in the Ring ecosystem, the Spotlight Cam is a great addition.

One downside is not being able to view recorded video without being on a plan that starts at $4 per month or $40 a year per camera or $15 per month or $150 a year for unlimited cameras.

There are no free storage options, but you can take advantage of a 30-day free trial.

Without this all you can do is watch the live view from your camera and get your motion alerts.

With a plan, your recorded videos are stored for up to 60 days. There is no lock-in contract, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You also need to have decent Wi-Fi to be able to connect and view the cameras.

And to be able to remotely access the live view, you also need to have good upload speed as well.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery – $329


The Ring Spotlight Cam is a simple and easy to install solution for your home and even better if you’re already within the Ring ecosystem to increase the security of your home.