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2019 Kindle review – an affordable must-have device for avid readers


The new Kindle is a must for avid readers. It has the latest features at an affordable price so you can have your entire library by your side anytime and anywhere.

The Kindle has set the benchmark for e-readers over the years and the latest and most affordable model has inherited features introduced in more expensive models including an adjustable front light.

Priced at $139, the entry level Kindle provides an ideal reading experience which can be enjoyed inside and outside and in all kinds of light conditions.

The first thing you notice when you turn on the 6-inch glare-free display which has 167ppi (pixels per inch) is how great the text looks – it’s just like printed words on a page.

Under the hood is updated electronic ink technology for even better contrast.

Also onboard the new Kindle is capacitive touch for easier navigation that’s also smart enough to prevent accidental swipes.

The Kindle doesn’t wake when you touch the screen, you need to press the power button on the bottom of the device.

The touchscreen is not as sensitive or responsive as we’re used to with our smartphones and tablets so you need to take it slow.

We found it was easy to scroll past where we needed to go and when scrolling through our library.

But when you’re reading your book it worked well.

On the design side, the new Kindle has also had a refresh with more rounded edges to make it comfortable to hold in one hand.

The device is also quite light (only 174g) and thin (just 8.7mm) so it’s no effort to hold for extended periods while you’re reading.

Another cool feature is the ability to highlight passages in the book, look up words on the spot and translate words.

And if you forget your reading glasses you can keep on reading – you can’t do that with a regular book.

The Kindle allows readers to choose the font size and style to make it even easier on the eyes.

You’re also in complete control of the adjustable light which shines into the device rather than out like a backlit product like a smartphone or tablet so it’s not going to light up the room in the dark.

This means you’re not going to wake up your partner if you decide to read in bed.

There’s 4GB of internal storage as well so that’s plenty of space to carry around hundreds of books.

We like the idea of taking numerous books with you especially on a holiday. This means you don’t have to decide which book to take with you. With the Kindle, you can take them all.

With wi-fi onboard it’s also easy to connect to the Kindle store to download a new book in a matter of seconds.

You could literally purchase and download a book to the Kindle a minute after someone recommends something to you – as long as you’re connected to a wi-fi network.

There’s no need to get in front of a computer to purchase your next book – it’s all done right there.

What’s also amazing is the Kindle’s battery life which, unlike a smartphone, is actually measured not in hours or days but in weeks.

It’s quite possible to go on a week-long holiday and not have to charge the Kindle the whole time you’re away.

Books that are in your Kindle library will be synchronised across other devices like smartphones and tablets running the Kindle app and across other Kindle devices as well.


Price: $139


The new Kindle is a must for avid readers. It has the latest features at an affordable price so you can have your entire library by your side anytime and anywhere.