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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro vacuum review – high suction and slick design


When it comes to powerful suction, it’s hard to match the power and the design of a Dyson vacuum and its new Cinetic Big Ball has raised the bar with numerous improvements and new features.

This rolling barrel vacuum is the result of customer feedback and design improvements to deliver the best possible experience.

And Dyson has nailed it once again.

The problem with a regular barrel vacuum cleaner is they don’t always want to follow you.


And when they do they often topple sideways and it just makes your cleaning even harder and more frustrating.

That’s not the case with the Cinetic Big Ball.

We’ve been using it for a few weeks now and the barrel unit follows behind you smoothly and easily.

But even when the barrel does tip over, it rights itself straight away. Anything that prevents me having to bend down is great design, so big tick for the Cinetic Big Ball.


The heaviest parts of the unit are built closer to the floor so it’s got a very low centre of gravity.

We had fun just tipping it over and watching it correct itself.

The barrel itself continues not only the Dyson bag-less design but it also requires no maintenance like cleaning filters and other fiddly adjustments.

When you empty your dust a silicon collar slides down and shakes loose all of the dust and debris with it.

Usually, on older Dysons, you had to reach in and pick out the left over dust with a pen. We never had to do this once with the Cinetic Big Ball vacuum.

The bin is also a third larger than the previous model so you’re not emptying as much anyway.

The attachments for the Cinetic Big Ball have also had a redesign as well right down to the catches that hold everything together.

With the previous catches it was a two handed job to connect the attachments. The new catch has a single button release so they go on and off with ease.


Speaking of attachments, the main handle has an articulated joint so the hose can move 360-degrees to suit the way you’re vacuuming.

There’s also even more reach now with the main wand which can extend to a total length of 1.25m.

There are a generous number of attachments included with the Cinetic Big Ball vacuum including a carbon fibre floor head that has stiff nylon brushes that work well both on carpet and hard floors.

You also get a thin bendable wand that’s ideal for cleaning blinds, behind and on top of furniture along with a tool that can also clean your curtains.

The attachments that come with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro
The attachments that come with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro

Also included as a smaller head with two horizontally rotating brush heads which are easier to clean and de-tangle.

And if you want to use some of your old attachments from a previous Dyson you can, thanks to an adaptor that can join the old clip to the new catch.

We have two Dalmatians who are mainly outside but, in the evening, sit inside with us in front of the TV on a large rug.

They always leave their short white hairs behind on the carpet. But the Dyson absolutely powers through and picks every last hair up off the rug.

There was one occasion where we moved some furniture and found a fair amount of dust and debris underneath.

We used the Dyson to pick it up and it actually clogged the main head so it wasn’t sucking.

But there was a simple fix.

We grabbed a five cent coin and unscrewed the roller out of the head, removed it and cleared the clog just behind it.

Once it was back together a few seconds later it was sucking like a champion again.

Our only real complaint about the Dyson was that it’s a bit loud. It was hard to talk to someone else while the vacuum was running.

The wand extends up to 1.25m
The wand extends up to 1.25m

But that noise was actually quite satisfying because you could hear the motor going to work and driving that incredible suction.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum is available in four models starting at $699 for the Multi Floor model.

There’s also an Allergy model ($799), an Animal model ($899) and an Animal Pro model ($999).

We used the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro model for this review.


Dyson is unrivalled in the vacuum cleaner space in terms of making a device that works well and looks good.

Yes, they are more expensive than the competition but they are a lot better than the competition.