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Kogan raises style stakes with new speaker dock


kogandock2Online retailer Kogan has proven style, design and value can be offered in a single product with its latest entertainment system and dock that works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The device consists of a central adjustable dock to fit any Apple product with three way 20W speakers made of glass and aluminium on either side.

The standalone dock has an aluminium base and is large enough to fit Apple’s iPad.

There’s also enough room on either side for the iPad to be viewed in widescreen mode to watch movies and turn the system into a mini home theatre system.

Kogan has also created its very own free app which can be used to stream and comfortably control your music.

The Kogan dock can fit an iPad and can also be turned on its side to watch movies

The app can access and stream FM and internet radio with more than 15,000 stations literally at your fingertips.

The speakers are also seated on an aluminium base with the three sculpted speaker cones framed by a thin sheet of glass.

And because the speakers are not linked to the dock they can be positioned a little further apart to enhance the stereo sound.

The speakers of the Kogan Stereo Entertainment System have an aluminium base and a thin glass frame

Speaking of sound, there’s also a built-in equaliser and a slim remote which can be used to control the settings and playback.

And the best part of the Kogan Stereo Entertainment System with iPad dock is that the added style doesn’t come at a hefty price.

The Kogan Stereo Entertainment System is priced at just $199

It’s yours to pre-order from here for just $199 with shipping expected on May 1.

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