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Bose Wave Music System III review


bosewaveiiithumbThe new Bose Wave Music System III is aimed at audio lovers who appreciate great design and like their music pure and simple.

This latest version of the product packs even more punch from the compact unit along with the detail and response that music fans will truly appreciate.

The all-in-one system has a built-in CD player, an AM/FM and digital radio along with an auxiliary input jack to pipe through sound from your TV, computer, smart phone and portable music player.


In typical Bose fashion, the Wave Music System III looks like a device deliberately made for a specific purpose – delivering quality audio.

There is a lot of attention to detail both inside and outside the product.

It has elegant styling and a large easy-to-read screen with adjustable brightness and automatic night-time dimming.

The new Bose Wave Music System III delivers in sound and quality

It is a compact unit that has a relatively small footprint but still contains everything you need to appreciate excellent sound.

There is no need to run a tangle of messy cables to separate speakers or connect other devices – everything is contained within a single unit and works right out of the box.

On the inside is Bose’s proprietary waveguide speaker technology to provide a large and crisp sound from a small device.


The fact the Bose Wave Music System III has a slot-loading CD player is a nod to the customer the device will appeal to – music lovers who have extensive collections on shelves rather than on a hard drive or on a device.

Of course there are ways to play all of your digital files as well using the auxiliary input.

The Bose Wave Music System III sound quality is astounding. The large and detailed sound that comes from a such small speakers will amaze even the fussiest listeners.

The Bose Wave Music System III has a slot-loading CD player

The waveguide technology is responsible for that full-bodied sound and natural bass which sounds just as good when you’re listening to a piano concerto or heavy metal music.

The built-in AM/FM radio and digital radio also provide satisfying sound – especially when listening to digital stations.

There are also dual alarms with the ability to set different wake up times from different sources and at different volumes.


Bose’s Wave Music System III system does not have its own app or wireless streaming or any of the bells and whistles of other products which aim to deliver convenience and connectivity over quality.

A separate Bluetooth adaptor ($219) and Wave connect kit for iPod ($169) are available at extra cost if users wanted to go down that route.

The Bose Wave Music System III knows where its strength lies as a CD and digital music player and delivers in every way.

Bose Wave Music System III

Price: $799 (with digital radio), $699 (+ AM/FM)

Four and half stars (out of five)

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