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What’s the first thing you look for when buying a TV – our surprising poll results


samsungsmartmain4Tech Guide’s readers have presented some interesting results when asked about the first thing they look for when buying a new TV in our poll.

There have been 700 votes, as of this morning, with picture quality the most popular response at 30.1 per cent.

That supports the research from TV manufacturers who released their latest smart TVs in 2012 with picture quality the main pillar of their products.

The next most popular response was pricing, only slightly below picture quality, at 29.3 per cent.

It just illustrates the challenge manufacturers are facing – customers want quality at a reasonable price.

Surprisingly the third most popular response was screen size with 11.6 per cent of the vote. And coming right after price, it’s obvious customers want good value per inch on their new televisions.

For 14.4 per cent of readers – the type of TV was their first consideration – plasma, LED, LCD. Each of these formats have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of picture quality and energy use.

The brand on the front of the is the first thing that 9.4 per cent of our readers look for which indicated that brand loyalty can well and truly be swayed by picture quality and price.

But the biggest surprises are the two least popular responses – energy rating (3.1 per cent) and connectivity (2 per cent).

Energy ratings stickers on TVs in stores have been compulsory for two years but, judging by these figures, it is not top of mind for customers.

And with the focus on smart TVs that connect to the internet and access content it was a shock to see connectivity was the most important thing for just two per cent of voters.

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