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Hisense launches Dual Cell TV with the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of LED


Hisense has announced the pricing and availability of its revolutionary Dual Cell TV which offer the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of an LED TV in one television.

The new Hisense 65SX Dual Cell TV precisely bonds two LCD layers together to control colour and luminance with one panel while leveraging two million dimming zones to generate deeper blacks and impressive contrast with the other.

The new Hisense 65-inch Dual Cell TV will be available from mid-September and will be priced at $3,499.

“Hisense’s proprietary Dual Cell technology uses a highly complex composition and design to deliver a quality of colour, contrast, brightness and accuracy that we believe sets a new standard in LED TVs,” says Andre Iannuzzi, head of marketing for Hisense Australia.

“We’re incredibly excited to be the first market globally to introduce this game-changing innovation and hope Australians realise the benefits Dual Cell offers as a new leading premium TV technology.”

The Hisense Dual Cell was displayed for the first time publicly at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

A regular LED TV has one LCD layer but the Dual Cell technology has two. The first is a greyscale or monochrome layer that controls luminance, which is precision-bonded to a second cell that controls colour.

The grayscale cell sits behind the colour cell and blocks light from pixels that need to be darker, creating more than 2 million dimming zones that can be controlled with remarkable precision to a deliver true-to-life picture.

Also onboard the Hisense 65XS Dual Cell is Dolby Vision HDR.

On the audio side, the Hisense Dual Cell TV includes Dolby Atmos which can create all-encompassing surround sound.

Included with the TV is a 4.2-inch subwoofer which actually forms part of the stand and is concealed neatly behind the television.

The new Hisense TV also includes its proprietary VIDAA 4 operating system.

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“Australians have a strong appreciation for technologies that can elevate their lifestyle, especially in the current climate with many of us spending increased time in the home,” said Iannuzzi.

With this in mind, it brings us great pleasure to offer Australians an exciting product that pushes the boundaries of television technology and raises the bar of what they can expect from an LED TV at home.”

The Hisense 65SX with Dual Cell technology will be available to purchase via major retailers across Australia from mid-September for $3,499.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the Hisense Dual Cell TV in the coming weeks.