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Samsung unveils high tech front-loading washer dryer and triple-cooling refrigerator


Samsung is probably best known for its amazing TVs and impressive smartphones but it is also a leader when it comes to washing machines and refrigerators as well.

And these new appliances are just as high tech as their home entertainment counterparts with new innovations across the range which includes a front-loading washer dryer and a four-door triple-cooling refrigerator.


Samsung’s AddWash XL washer dryer has an all-new design and features an industry first front load “AddWash” door so users can add items to a wash after the cycle has begun.


It’s not uncommon to see a sock or other item of clothing left behind or at the bottom of the basket when the washing has already commenced but now that’s no longer a problem with the AddWash door to add it to the load.


Also on board is an 8-inch touchscreen display for easy navigation and the Auto Detergent Dispense feature which can release laundry detergent automatically based on the size of your load.

The washer dryer also has wi-fi onboard so you can control the machine and schedule load via your smartphone the Samsung Smart Home app.


It will also send you message when the load is completed.

The Samsung AddWash 13kg washer/7kg dryer is priced at $1,799 while the 16kg washer/8kg dryer version is $2,999.


The new Samsung refrigerator features triple-cooling technology which can cool and control temperatures in separate sections of the refrigerator.


It has three cooling engines onboard to maintain a consistent moisture and humidity level of about 65 per cent to keep food fresh longer.

There’s also a water dispenser, five shelves, six door pockets and one foldable shelf so users have plenty of storage options.

A Samsung study found that 90 per cent of Australians want customisable spaces in their fridge.


It also has smart energy features including the ability to turn off the fridge or freezer sections of the unit independently while they are away on holidays, for example.

The Samsung Four-Door Flex Triple-Cooling refrigerator is priced at $5,499.


“Samsung constantly explores ways to develop solutions to everyday household challenges and make lives that little bit easier for our customers, whether that’s ways to better maintain fridge temperature and moisture levels to help keep food fresh, or giving people ability to add a that piece of clothing to their front loader machine mid-wash,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Product at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The AddWash and Four Door Flex triple-cooling refrigerator respond to needs that many Australian households have told us about in terms of washing and food storage.”