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Samsung and St Vincent’s Hospital using virtual reality to treat acute pain


Samsung will be conducting new clinical trials with St Vincent’s Hospital where patients will take part using virtual reality to evaluate the potential use of the technology to treat acute pain.

The partnership was announced at Samsung’s inaugural Healthcare Smart Summit which aims to develop healthcare and wellness services by bringing together software developers, healthcare providers and medical experts.

The objective is to explore how technology can be used to improve patient care, clinical care and wellness.

“We strive to develop technology that improves the lives of Australians, and this is never more important than when it comes to health and wellbeing,” said Steven Sherry, Vice President of business and enterprise mobility at Samsung Australia.

“We’re thrilled that through the Smart Summit we’re able to bring so many experts together, encouraging a culture of collaboration that will potentially help the healthcare community in Australia and around the world.”

The new clinical trial with St Vincent’s Hospital Department of Pain Medicine will use Samsung smartphones and Gear VR technology in the management of acute pain.


This study will also look at potential side-effects, cost efficiency and the ability to reduce the risk of drug dependency.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Samsung on this innovative study,” said Prof Anthony Schembri, CEO, St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney.

“By harnessing the power of Samsung’s virtual reality technology, we’re proud to possibly uncover the potential of a pain management program that looks at new ways of helping our patients in their recovery.”

Samsung is already involved in healthcare partners solutions including IrisVision and Breezie.

IrisVision provides a solution for severe vision impaired patients using a virtual reality headset and a Samsung smartphone to expand their field of vision.

Breezie is a tablet solution designed for seniors that brings together popular applications, content and services in one place and provides an online portal for family and caregivers to select the relevant services in an interface simplified for the senior user.

* Tune in to Episode 277 of the Tech Guide podcast next week to hear our complete interview with Dr David Rhew – Samsung Electronics America’s chief medical officer and head of healthcare and fitness.