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Online retailer Kogan takes on the supermarkets with Kogan Pantry


Electronics retailer Kogan is taking its direct online-only model into a whole new industry to deliver groceries to the doors Australians for less with Kogan Pantry.

After taking on the major electronics brands and retailers, Kogan is now going toe-to-toe with major supermarket chains like Coles and Woolworths.

Kogan says Coles and Woolworths have some of the highest profit margins of any supermarkets in the world which is why it thinks the industry is ripe for disruption.

Launching with more than 600 products from the world’s most trusted brands, Kogan Pantry will offer customers savings of more than 80 per cent and still have their groceries delivered to their doorstep.

The service is designed to offer affordable convenience without ever leaving your home or office.



Kogan Pantry will include a wide range of products including food, heath and beauty products, pet food, toiletries, confectionery, cleaning products and more.

And, as it is with Kogan electronics shipping directly from the factory to customers and offering huge savings, Kogan Pantry will also offer the same supply-chain efficiency to drive the prices down.

Kogan Pantry put together a sample basket of 20 popular grocery items and compared them to similar baskets from Coles and Woolworths and found they could save customers more than 50 per cent.

“We are bringing our years of experience in online shopping to grocery and pantry items, delivering Australians amazing prices well below average retail prices,” says David Shafer, executive director at

Kogan Pantry price comparisons with Coles and Woolworths is famous for quality products at massive discounts and our aim is to bring those same savings to a core range of everyday household items and non-perishable groceries.

“For far too long Australia has had to put up with a supermarket duopoly. In 1975, Coles and Woolworths accounted for just 34 percent of the market, by 2009 that share was up to 78 percent.

While Coles and Woolies certainly offer a fantastic selection of products, and are an important part of the Australian economy, the Aussie duopoly also has some of the highest profit margins of any supermarkets in the world.

“The Aussie supermarket duopoly has double or triple the margins of international peers like Tesco, Costco and Carrefour.

“Through smart sourcing and efficient online retailing, wants to provide a better offer for Aussies, ultimately saving them money.

“Kogan Pantry is a great place to start your weekly shop — come to us for all your staple non-perishables at incredible prices.

“We’ve secured fantastic deals on products from the world’s leading grocery brands like Dove, Colgate, Palmolive, Pringles, Powerade, Gillette, Heinz, and more.”

Shoppers can shop Kogan Pantry online here.