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New products make Cash by Optus even more mobile and flexible


Cash by Optus is an easy way to access your money with compatible smartphone instead of carrying cold hard cash but today it got even easier with new a sticker and wristband payment accessories.

Customers have a mobile payment solution using an Android smartphone with a Cash by Optus SIM card onboard and the companion app.
Users simply link the app to their bank account and then use their NFC (near field communications) enabled device with Paywave terminals to make payments of up to $100.

The Cash by Optus sticker and sticker
The Cash by Optus sticker and sticker

But now, with the introduction of the new sticker and wristband, those payment options just increased.

The Cash by Optus Band can be used independently of your smartphone and your wallet and be used to pay for things on Paywave terminals in the same way as you would if you were carrying your smartphone.

So now if you’re on a jog or out without your phone you can still make purchases.


The Cash by Optus Sticker can be used by iPhone users and anyone else who doesn’t have a compatible Android device.

The sticker attaches to the back of the device and links directly to the Cash by Optus app to pay for goods and services on the go.

Ben White, Acting Managing Director of Product and Marketing at Optus said: “Optus is excited to expand Cash by Optus with the introduction of the new payment Stickers and Bands.


“It has always been our aim to bring the ease and convenience of Cash by Optus to as many customers as possible, across a range of smartphones and these new payment accessories enable us to do just that.”