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Apple launches enhanced maps for Sydney and Melbourne with a new level of detail

Apple has revealed some impressive new features in Apple Maps which includes an enhanced city experience for Sydney and Melbourne that adds a whole new dimension to these city maps.

Now anyone who needs to find their way around Sydney and Melbourne will see even more amazing detail for landmarks, buildings, land cover, trees and elevation.

This upgrade is a continuation of the development of the new maps Apple rolled out in 2021 and included an all-new level of detail down to the lane and road markings, bus and taxi lanes and crosswalks that now make busy interchanges even easier to navigate.

Maps now shows a windshield view for drivers so what Maps is showing them matches what they’re actually seeing to find the correct lane or exit to continue their route.

And in typical Apple style, Maps has enhanced landmarks like the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Melbourne with a new level of detail and accuracy.

There’s even a brilliant night-time mode which adds a moonlit glow at dusk.

And if you’re a cyclist, Apple Maps has also been dramatically improved for you as well.

There are now turn-by-turn cycling directions which will include bike paths, bike lanes and bicycle-friendly roads.

When looking up directions on Maps, cycling will now be included alongside driving, walking and public transport.

The directions can also let you know the elevation – in other words any hills you have to negotiate – and offers the option of finding a flatter route.

Riders can also choose to avoid busy roads.

Riders will hear voice guidance so they can stay focused on the road and the traffic around them.

Maps will also offer directions to a public restroom, a place to stop and bike repair shops.

These cycling features will also work well with Apple Watch and will offer haptic touch when it’s time to make a turn.

Information like elevation changes and of their journey involves a bike path, a side or main road and the times they will need to dismount and walk will all be displayed on Apple Watch.

Apple has also optimised fall detection to recognise the unique motion and impact of a tumble from a bike and will deliver a hard fall alert if detected.

The rider can dismiss this alert if they are not injured or call emergency services from the notification.

Apple says enhanced maps for the other Australian capital cities will be rolled out in the coming months.