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How to download YouTube videos for free?


YouTube is a great resource for videos – whether you are looking for educational videos, entertainment videos or lifestyle DIY videos, YouTube has something for everyone. Video sharing websites like YouTube have made the world a better place by facilitating video sharing across its platform for worldwide users – a user from the United States has access to a video uploaded by a user from Turkey.

YouTube’s platform has made video sharing, viewing, vlogging and entertaining much more easier than it ever could have possibly been.

However, one drawback concerning YouTube videos is that a user has to load the video multiple times if they want to stream it repeatedly. Not only does this waste time and internet data, it can also be very annoying if one doesn’t have access to WiFi or internet data at all times. Loading a video every time you have to watch it – which is usually the case with your favorite music videos – can also get particularly annoying if you live in an area that has weak network connections and hence slow internet. A solution to such issues for all YouTube users is using a YouTube downloader.

A YouTube downloader like Savefrom is an excellent resource for users looking to download YouTube videos for entertainment, study or other purposes. Savefrom is extremely easy to use, and can simply be added on as an extension to your current browser. A great part of using Savefrom is that it allows users to download YouTube videos in multiple formats. After adding it as an extension, users can simply click on the green button that reads “Download” and choose the format they’d like their video to be downloaded in – mp3, mp4, or 3GP – and then enjoy their downloaded videos in their phone or laptop both offline and online.

A user can also use Savefrom without using the browser extension by simply adding ss before the YouTube video’s URL. Users are supposed to add the ss: before the https and the download begins in a short while. In addition to that, users can also use Savefrom to download a video from a website other than YouTube by simply adding or before the website’s URL and then click on enter. The download will then begin shortly. 

Another great thing about using Savefrom is that it can also be used to download Instagram video both in your mobile phone and in your laptop or PC’s browser. Videos can be downloaded from Instagram either from the regular Savefrom browser extension or by downloading its Android app called

Savefrom is a great tool for users who regularly view and enjoy online videos. Savefrom allows users to download YouTube, Instagram and all other websites’ videos using Savefrom’s browser extension, or through other simple tools online. It is extremely convenient for users as they can download videos, categorize them in their respective folders, and view them at a later time whenever they want. Savefrom allows users to download YouTube videos for free and hence helps users save time, money, effort and gives them a lot of convenience.