Modern technology gives us many things.

Appy Pie  – Pioneers in No-Code Technology Take Customer Service Levels to New Heights


Best known for their cloud-based mobile app builder, Appy Pie sets its sights on helping businesses improve their customer service by letting them create their own chatbots without any coding. The age of digital transformation has changed the way consumers communicate with businesses.

While most businesses dedicate a portion of their website for customer queries or feedback, this no longer cuts it in a world where consumers constantly look for instant gratification. With the help of a chatbot, businesses can respond to customer queries and send out promotional messages without even going live.

Customer Service Meets Artificial Intelligence

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder is powered by artificial intelligence. Depending on how the user sets it up, the chatbot created using Appy Pie can respond to customers’ frequently asked questions, thereby enabling the customer care team to dedicate more time in areas that need the most human intervention. Automating this aspect of customer service brings in myriad benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Apart from reducing overhead costs, utilizing a chatbot can generate more leads and boost sales when implemented correctly.

The primary goal of using a chatbot is to create meaningful conversations with both, existing and potential customers without hiring additional manpower. This is something businesses could only dream of, just a few years ago. But as artificial intelligence and virtual reality continues to improve, even business owners and marketers with little to no technical skills can start implementing this effective strategy in their lead generation efforts.

3-Step Chatbot Builder

Simulating real human conversations can now be done easily, thanks to Appy Pie’s chatbot builder that allows users to create chatbots in just three simple steps. All you need to do is enter your chatbot name, select the purpose, modify the features and you are good to go.

Without question, chatbots have become an integral part of modern apps. The most prominent examples include virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, as well as instant messaging platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp.

Fortunately, the idea of using chatbots even for small businesses is no longer as far-fetched as it used to be. Appy Pie streamlines the process of creating a fully functional chatbot to just a few minutes, equipping users with a powerful tool to connect with their audience in a way that they weren’t able to before.

Apart from providing timely responses to customer queries, chatbots can also be used for data collection, real-time customer support, and upselling. Due to the immersive nature of the messages, chatbots can start to have the ability to influence customer’s decisions, which means that they can guide the customers from the point of learning about the products or services all the way through to making the sale.

Chatbots are impressive in the way they can bring about a boost in the level of customer service offered by any business, but in some of the more complicated scenarios you might have to transfer the chat to a live chat by integrating your preferred live chat software.

Chatbots built with Appy Pie’s all-new chatbot builder is a must-have tool in every business owner’s toolkit. Both, large corporations and small startups can benefit from adding a chatbot to their mobile app or website, and there’s no reason now to ignore it as Appy Pie provides access to this feature without requiring any technical knowledge.