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Navman releases new MiCam GPS that’s a dash cam and navigation device in one


Navman has released a range of new in-car products including the MiCam GPS dash cam that can be your eyes and ears on the road and also get you to your destination.

Bringing together two decades of designing and building GPS devices, Navman says its MiCam has been released at the right time when motorists are faced with navigating new roads and tunnels and also battling distractions behind the wheel.

The Navman MiCam GPS has a 5-inch touchscreen and, for the first time, has been built on the Android platform which has allowed the company to combine premium functionality with its GPS technology.

Navman acknowledges that the smartphone has been seen as the most convenient way to navigate but doesn’t offer the best experience and presents a temptation to people to use them while driving.

The Navman MiCam GPS has everything the driver needs in one unit, including a hands-free link to your calls, along with up-to-date traffic information and rich verbal navigation.

This means the device can be used all the time and not just for turn by turn directions because it also adds red light and speed camera warnings and alerts when entering school zones.

The dash cam records in 1080p full high definition and has a 140-degree field of view along with a Sony STARVIS low light sensor which captures crisp video in all lighting conditions plus important GPS information like location, speed and direction of impact which is captured through the internal 3-axis G Sensor.

The camera is always recording in the background on a loop and it’s easy to view the footage and reply it on the device and upload it to your smartphone.

Despite having a 5-inch display, the Navman MiCam can still fit neatly on the windscreen without obstructing your view.

Drivers can choose what to see on the display – either the map or a live view from the dash cam.

The Navman MiCam GPS also has a MiVue Pro companion app which can be used by drivers to plan their next journey on their smartphone and send it to the device in the car.

Maps, safety camera and speed alert notifications can all be updated monthly for free via wi-fi with no lock-in subscriptions required.

The device also has a logbook function that can keep track of your drives for business purposes or your hours behind the wheel if you’re a learner driver.

The Navcam MiCam will be available in the coming weeks and will be priced at $369.

Navman has also released the MiCam Explore, the MiVUE Sensor XL and the MiCam Truck.


The MiCam Explore has all the features of the MiCam GPS but adds 140,000km of popular 4WD tracks and POIs (points of interest).

You can also find nearby campsites, petrol stations and also make and receive phone calls legally behind the wheel.

MiVUE SENSOR XL – $299 (1000 XL) and $449 (1100 XL DC)

These Navman dedicated dash cams can record full HD video at 60 frames per second and are built with a five-layer glass lens.

They can also provide speed and safety cam alerts which can be updated for free monthly.

The 1100 Sensor XL DC also includes a rear camera that can 1080p full HD.

MiCAM TRUCK – $549

This is a first-of-its-kind device that takes into account the size of your vehicle including B-Doubles and provides appropriate routing that can safely get you to your destination.

The built-in dash cam also captures a wide-angle view of the road in all lighting conditions and has a 7-inch display to show an even greater level of detail.