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GoPro cameras will soon be able to broadcast live high definition video


GoPro cameras are already extremely popular and are a great way to capture amazing content but it will now soon be possible to broadcast high definition video directly from the device.

GoPro has partnered with Vislink, a global technology provider that specialises in the collection and delivery of high quality video in real time.

The partnership will turn a GoPro Hero4 camera into a live high definition wireless broadcast solution.

The two companies are working together to produce a transmitter that is small enough to be worn or mounted with the GoPro Hero4 camera.

GoPro cameras have already been widely used by professionals for various programs but the footage has been included in post production from the memory cards.


But this new solution will mean for the first time GoPro products will be used to transmit the action in high definition and integrated into a live broadcast.

The solution will be showcased at the Winter X Games in Aspen starting January 22 along with other live sporting events.

“GoPro has changed the way people see the world, creating an immersive viewing experience. Now with unique GoPro perspectives available to broadcasters, watching live events is like being part of the action instead of watching it from the stands,” said GoPro President Tony Bates.

“Our partnership with Vislink brings a new level of excitement to live broadcast and we can’t wait to see what players, broadcasters and fans do with this new innovative solution.”