Modern technology gives us many things.

Pico is the world’s first colour matching device to help you find the right paint


There are a lot of measuring tools we’ve seen but what about a device that can measure colour? That’s exactly what Pico can do – it is the world’s first paint matching device.

Anyone who wants to match a paint colour would usually take a picture or search through a colour book and hope for the best.

But with Pico, you can instantly record a colour and measure it.

The device is tiny – small enough to wear around your neck – and offers leading colour accuracy.

It is 6cm long, 1.8cm wide and 1.5mm thick and weighs a featherweight 16g.

The device connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth and works with the Pico companion app so users can instantly see their recorded colour, preview how it would look in a home scene and find out the colour data including RGB, LAB, LRV and HEX readings.

From the Pico app you can find the perfect colour match from the included collections or create your own custom match.

If you’re painting or renovating, the Pico can take the stress out of the project.

And not only can you match the right colours, the app will also help you work out how much paint you’ll need.

The Pico app also makes it possible to create spaces to reflect your rooms and preview how colours will look in those spaces as well as keeping track of your renovation.

So how does It work?

The Pico has a micro sensor built into its base and a measurement can be taken when it is resting against the surface where the colour you want to match is located.

A button on the top of the unit is pressed to record a colour. This same button, when held for a few seconds will also turn the product on and off.

It uses controlled bursts of red, green and blue light that is then reflected and measured by the micro colour sensor and then processed by the Colour Engine 2 processor.

Pico is also smart enough to adjust for other factors like ambient temperature to deliver consistent readings.

Design-wise, Pico has been made without screws or glue or any harmful metals which makes the device 99 per cent recyclable.

Because it’s small size, it can get even into the smallest spaces so there is virtually no limit to the colour matching.

If you’re buying and trying to match paints for a room refresh or a complete renovations, then you need Pico by your side.

Pico is available now and is priced at $79.