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Lively is a discreet way to monitor the elderly in their own home


lively5Lively is a new product that can help people discreetly monitor elderly parents or relatives without compromising their independence or privacy.

Lively consists of a central hub that receives signals from small sensors which can be attached to various objects around the home.

These can include the fridge door, a pill box, a keychain, bathroom door or a favourite chair.

The activity signals are relayed back to the Lively hub so they can be examined and compared to normal routines.

Lively does not use video cameras or any wearable sensors so there is no invasion of privacy.

It has been designed to fit in seamlessly with the routine of the person or persons being monitored.

The Lively hub has its own cellular network connection and can keep track of activity sensors around the home

This information can be shared via a secure log-in on a computer, tablet or smartphone using an iOS or Android app so care givers can remotely monitor their loved ones to be sure they are still going through their regular activities.

The Lively central hub has a built-in cellular network connection so there is no need for a home internet connection which may not exist in your elderly relative’s home.

The Lively sensors can be attached to various things around the home like doors, pill boxes, keychains and on the fridge

Lively’s goal was to create a passive monitoring system that can help elderly parents and grandparents feel connected to their family while happily living independently.

Older adults always prefer to stay in their own homes and having a product like Lively will make them feel they’re never alone.

Lively also offers a service where pictures shared by family and friends using the app or on social media can be compiled and printed into a LivelyGram booklet.

The Lively sensors can be viewed on your computer and on smartphones and tablets using a free app

It is an ideal gift for non-internet users – something they can hold in their hand to share the events of their friends and family.

Lively was created by three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs David Glickman, Iggy Fanlo and Keith Dutton.

Lively is available now for $175 which includes the Lively hub, one month of free service and six activity sensors.

LivelyGrams containing the latest photos from friends and family can also be sent out to eldery parents and grandparents

After the initial one-month trial the Lively pay-as-you-go service costs $19.95 per month without a lock-in contract that can be cancelled at any time.

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