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DJI goes from drones to electric bikes with its new Avinox drive system

DJI, a company we know for its amazing drones and cameras, has lent its tech expertise to help launch a new electric mountain bike powered by a new DJI drive system.

The Amflow PL is a new e-bike with the DJI Avinox with 850W of peak power yet still weighing in at an ultralight 19.2kg.

It is a full power eMTB with an ultralight carbon fibre frame that tips the scales at just 2.27kg.

And at the heart of the Amflow PL is the DJI Avinox drive system which combines multiple technologies in both software and hardware design.

The unit has a compound planetary gear set and provides impressive power-to-size ratio with 105Nm torque and a peak power output of 850W.

And all that comes from the DJI drive unit that weighs just 2.52kg.

Inside the unit are high strength polymer gears which can suppress noise during high speed gearbox operation.

There are also several precision sensors on board which, when combined with DJI’s advanced algorithms, offer strong and smooth assistance across a wide range of scenarios and conditions.

The DJI Avinox drive system also includes a special Auto Mode which can adapt the assistance based on the conditions and the riding position.

Once this is activated it allows users to take on a variety of terrain types and gradients without the need to switch modes.

But on challenging trials, Boost Mode can be activated to give the rider 120Nm of torque and 1000W high-power assistance to tackle those steep inclines with ease.

Other modes include Walk Mode with intelligent walk assistance for easy incline travel, Auto Hold to stop rollback on steep inclines and Hill Start Assist to give riders that additional burst of torque to get started on inclines.

The Avinox system’s battery has an ultra-high energy density and weighs 2.87kg.

The included 508W GaN fast charger can charge the battery from 0 to 75 per cent in just 90 minutes.

The Amflow PL’s frame design includes cutting edge geometry for balanced performance and with the agility to help riders take on rugged trails and more technical rides.

The frame is compatible with both 27.5-inch and 29-inch rear wheels and could handle larger and smaller wheels with a simple adjustment of the flip chip so as not to alter the frame’s geometric centre of gravity.

On the suspension side, the rear shocks have a sensitive initial stroke response to filter out any minor vibration and can also prevent bottom outs during continuous high speed impacts or steep descents.

Also onboard is a 2-inch full colour OLED touch screen control display which is integrated into the frame to offer the rider information including real time riding data, estimated range and easy access to the settings.

The bike can also connect to the Avinox app to customise riding modes, set up a password protected anti-theft mode and even access the bike’s real time location.

The Amflow PL electric mountain bike will be available by Q4 2024.