Modern technology gives us many things.

eBay has just made it easier and faster to sell with QuickList


eBay, the popular online marketplace, has launched a new QuickList service that makes it possible to list an item for sale in less than 60 seconds.

eBay has been operating in Australia for more than 18 years and is visited by more than 11 million people.

Consumer to consumer (C2C) sellers have been seeing some solid results on the platform with an average of $706 in sales per year.

Meanwhile the average Australian household is sitting on more than $5,400 worth of stuff that can now be even more easily sold on eBay.

The new QuickList service will enable every eBay seller to list items for sale even easier and faster.

When an item is listed for sale, eBay delves into its considerable data base to see if similar items have been sold before.

It can then offer the seller existing Information about that product including specs and images.


Users can also take their own images of their item and import them into the listing. There are tips on better images to sell your items at the bottom of this story.

All the seller needs to do is add the condition of the item – new, like new or used – and move on to the next step.

The other time-consuming part of listing an item for sale is determining the price and working out the postage.

Again, eBay has got your back here and it can suggest the right price to set and whether you should offer it as an auction or for a buy-it-now price.

And there’s also live support if you get stuck or need to ask a question with a chat, email or phone.


This support is easily accessed right there in your mobile device or desktop browser screen.

That massive data base of sales guides you here again and can help set the price that’s going to give you the best chance of selling your item.

Same thing goes for postage.

eBay can provide postage prices and packaging suggestions based on previous sales and thanks to its relationship with Australia Post.

To support the new QuickList service, eBay is also launching a new postage label printing platform as well to make it even easier to prepare your sold items to send.

It really takes the guesswork out of the whole process and frees up time for the what the seller does best – selling.

But if getting to the post office is a hassle, eBay can also offer the services of Sendle – a company that can pick up your item and deliver like a courier would.

But even down the line, the process has also been enhanced with new customer and after-sales service.

If there is any issue or dispute, the process to resolve them has now become even more streamlined.

In the feedback section, after a sale is completed the only option up front is to leave a positive rating with the other option being a dispute resolution which can solve an issue rather than leaving a negative review for the seller without some sort of mediation.

eBay always says, if there is an issue talk to the seller/buyer first before leaving negative feedback on impulse.

eBay are their own best experts when it comes to giving you the best chance of selling your item.

And the most visible part of your listing are the photographs of your item.

Here are a few tips to showing off the item you’re selling in the best possible way.

– Use natural light, not a flash

– Make sure the light doesn’t come from behind.

– Have a clean, preferably white, background. Use a wall or even a sheet of cardboard.

– Use your phone to take your photos. You can add up to 12 photos to the listing for free. More photos increase your chances of selling by 3 per cent.

– Take shots from all angles.

– Capture unique details about your item.

– Capture any defects of used items.