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Synology’s new BeeStation lets you create your own personal cloud system in minutes

Synology has unveiled a brand new addition to its product line – the BeeStation – a personal cloud storage and back-up system that’s designed to be easy to use and manage.

The Synology BeeStation can be used to store backups and manage and share data and all without subscription fees and with complete control to ensure your data stays private.

This personal cloud device works straight out of the box and has of built in 4TB hard drive which provides plenty of room for documents, personal files, photos and videos.

And set up takes just minutes. By simply scanning a QR code and connecting the cables the user can have their personal cloud service set up in no time.

There are companion web, desktop and mobile applications that creates a seamless connection to the device across your local network or remotely to easily manage and access files from anywhere just like you would from any other popular cloud service.

It is an ideal solution for families so they can create storage spaces for each family member while still ensuring individual privacy.

The beauty of the Synology BeeStation is that there is no need for any complex networking or IT skills to set up and manage the system.

BeeStation can create automatic backups of photos and videos from iOS and Android devices so you can protect your most important memories.

It also has an AI-powered photo organiser to manage large photo libraries and make them easier to find and share specific images and albums thanks to the onboard hardware accelerated people and object recognition.

The other advanced features include the ability to backup files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and other connected USB drives to make sure users have a copy of their most important data.

The Synology BeeStation BST150-4T Tower Single Bay NAS, 4TB is available now and priced at $499.