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BlackBerry is making a comeback with a new smartphone that includes a physical keyboard


The BlackBerry is making a comeback. TCL has offered the first glimpse of the new BlackBerry Keyboard Smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

TCL, the large Chinese company that also owns thriving phone brand Alcatel, has entered a licensing agreement with BlackBerry that includes the brand and security software.

The new BlackBerry device offers the same key strengths that made the brand a dominant force before the smartphone was reinvented by Apple’s iPhone – security, productivity and reliability.

It has a full keyboard – the feature that made BlackBerry users hang on to their devices for as long as they could – that are touch sensitive and with predictive typing.

A physical keyboard is the preferred input method for power users and the way they can be more productive


But despite having a keyboard, the BlackBerry Keyboard Smartphone will also have a 4-inch touchscreen and will be running the Android operating system.

On the security side, another BlackBerry area of strength, will suit corporate and personal users with software that is updated in real time to protect your data.


It will be the most secure Android device on the market.

The new device, which is available in the coming weeks, has the potential to revive the BlackBerry brand and re-energise its once loyal band of customers.


And by offering the best of both worlds – a touchscreen and a physical keyboard – it has a lot of potential to attract customers who grudgingly gave up their BlackBerry for an Android device or iPhone.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG