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Life of Pi had to be in 3D says Oscar-winning director Ang Lee


pi1Oscar-winning director Ang Lee says he took on the huge task of creating the film adaptation of the popular novel Life of Pi with 3D in mind.

Lee won his second Oscar for Best Director for Life of Pi which is out today on Blu-ray and DVD.

Life of Pi tells the story of a boy who is hurtled in to a life or death battle at sea with a Bengal tiger before forming an unlikely connection.

Lee says making the film in 3D was quite important to him.

“I think in 2D it is still a good movie, but 3D is a lot more, and that’s where I started,” he said.

“I think in 3D the water does something really different than 2D for you.

“I think you’re feeling you’re more there with him or be himself. And the way it was staged, I think it’s easier to identify with Pi in the situations.”

Lee says he’s also pleased the film is being offered in 3D on Blu-ray Disc as well.

Life of Pi tells the unlikely story of a boy lost at sea with a Bengal tiger

“When it’s Blu-ray at home in 3D you probably are watching more privately. So I guess you can feel that lonely and hopelessness, and therefore you’re moved when something grand or horrifying that’s happened,” he said.

The film’s editor Tim Squyres said 3D was not something that was just added on in Life of Pi.

“It was part of the original conception and it’s the way that we worked all the way through,” he said.

Life of Pi is available today on Blu-ray in 2D and 3D and on 2D on DVD

“The 2D we figured would take care of itself. The film is a real visual treat, and part of that is the way that we worked on conceived and executed the thing entirely in 3D.

“It’s a fundamental part of the filmmaking. It’s not something that’s added on by some other department at the end. So it’s really part of Ang’s vision of the film is as a 3D film.”

Life of Pi is available now in 2D and 3D on Blu-ray Disc and 2D only in DVD.

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