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Two Blokes Talking Tech episode 112 for the latest news and reviews


podcastthumbEpisode 112 of the top rating Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast, with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and Trevor Long, is here for the latest tech news and reviews.

On this week’s show we look at Sony’s 4K story from the movie set all the way to the TV in your home and also discuss Toshiba’s new luxury laptop the Kira.

The blokes also talk about the App Store approaching the 50 billionth download, the latest Call of Duty instalment and the Ask The Butcher app which can help you cook your meat like a pro.

Also on the agenda is the Auris Bluetooth dongle to make your audio system wireless, Apple adds more flash memory options for its iMac desktop computer plus Stephen’s one minute reviews of the iDTV for Android and the Canon PowerShot N social media camera.

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