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Stay updated and educated with episode 80 of the Tech Guide podcast


tg-pod-cast-v2Stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech with episode 80 of the top rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech.

On this week’s show we take a look at the shift in the smartphone market where more people are now buying their devices outright instead of obtaining them on a contract.

Also on the agenda the new LG G Flex smartphone goes on sale next month and the iPhone 5 case that packs quite a jolt – it has a built-in stun gun.

In the Tech Guide reviews we check out the Garmin Dash Cam that can keep a video record of any on-road incidents, the Omate smartwatch that’s also a mini smartphone and Mother – a device that can keep and eye on you and your activities.

In the Tech Guide Help Desk we talk about how to sync your iTunes library across several devices.

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