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Soundboks Go review – if you want to get loud this is the speaker for you


If you’re a fan of big sound and want to enjoy that big sound anywhere then the Soundboks Go is right up your alley.

Size matters. It does when it comes to speakers. The Soundboks Go is a fine example of this. It is purpose built to deliver a big sound and to deliver it anywhere.

This is an unmissable speaker that has a huge sound and a rugged design.

Tech Guide took a look at the monster speaker which is built to handle anything.

It’s a beast – it weighs 9.2kg and is 45.9cm wide, 31.6cm high and 26.6cm deep.

The Soundboks Go has a dentproof chassis and reinforced cabinet and grill that is made from ABS and polycarbonate with a silicon rubber bumper around the front and back edge so it can handle the bumps and scrapes.

The speaker is pretty heavy so dropping it would cause a bit of damage if it didn’t have this solid construction and rubber bumpers.

It has a loop strap to you can easily carry it and a smaller handle on top.

The Soundboks Go is a speaker that can’t be confined to a small room – it needs to be out in the open.

Soundboks Go has an IP65 rating so it can handle a splash if you’re outdoors by the pool or at the beach or get caught in the rain.

Now that’s all great but how goes it sound?

The short answer is big.

It is powered by two 72W continuous Class D amplifiers and includes Merus Audio eximo amp switching.

Also onboard is a 10-inch woofer and a one-inch silk dome tweeter.

Soundboks Go also has a bass enhancer to not only improve the bass but to just make it louder.

It can get up to 121 decibels – your neighbours will love that.

The sound you get has plenty of scale.

Played at low volume Soundboks Go sounds like any other Bluetooth speaker but when you crank it past 7 and then all the way to 11 (yes Soundboks Go goes to 11!) that’s when the sound moves you.

You can connect your device to the speaker using Bluetooth and you can wirelessly connect up to five Soundboks Go speakers if you want to be heard in the next suburb.

Quality-wise, the Soundboks delivers a satisfying sound that’s designed to offer more power than detail.

The quality is impressive but if you’re after subtlety, nuance and more clarity you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The most impressive things about the Soundboks Go is that it can be turned up really loud with virtually no distortion. That’s the name of the game with a speaker like this.

Soundboks Go has a handy companion app that allows users to control their music and access sound profiles and tweak the sound with a customisable EQ.

The Soundboks Go is a large speaker but it also has a large removeable battery that can run for up to 40 hours at mid-volume and 10 hours at full volume.

It takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and its recommended that you don’t plug in the power if you’re playing at level 5 volume or above.

Soundboks says on their website that doing this can cause your speaker could pop. So beware.

The Soundboks Go isn’t cheap – it will set you back $1,099. A big sound comes with a big price, but it will satisfy music lovers who want to not just hear their music – but unleash it.


If you’re a fan of big sound and want to enjoy that big sound anywhere then the Soundboks Go is right up your alley.