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Listen in to episode 45 of the Tech Guide podcast


tg-pod-cast-v2This week’s episode of the Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech looks at the next generation TVs which can expect from Sony and LG this year.

On episode 45 we take a look at Sony’s investment in 4K technology after travelling to Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

On the show we chat to Sony Australia’s Paul Colley and Jeremy Glassman from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and outline how Sony has developed 4K from the film set using 4K cameras all the way to our homes with 4K TVs.

Also on the show is LG and its new ultra high definition televisions and curved OLED TV which will be represented in the market by actor Ewan McGregor in an all-new campaign.

We’ll also share our review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and chat about Apple’s App Store approaching its 50 billionth download.

On the Tech Guide Help Desk we’ll have a look at a couple of products that can turn your speaker dock or car stereo into a wireless system.

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