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Episode 82 of the Tech Guide podcast to keep you updated and educated


tg-pod-cast-v2Listen to Episode 82 of editor Stephen Fenech’s Tech Guide podcast where he talks about the latest tech news and reviews to keep you updated and educated.

On this week’s show, Scentee to literally sniff out your notifications, the iBag that can stop compulsive credit card spending and 3D printers goes on sale at an Australian retailer.

In the Tech Guide reviews we check out the Sony Vaio Fit which can be used as a laptop and a tablet along with Mobile Home – a device that’s helps you use iPhone’s Siri safely behind the wheel.

In the Tech Guide interview we chat with Intel’s Dan Anderson about the best advice on buying a laptop or PC that suits you or child’s needs.

The Tech Guide Help Desk deals with the issue of smartphone battery charge and the apps that are running it down faster.

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