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Two Blokes Talking Tech are celebrating the 200th episode of their top-rating podcast


It’s a landmark Two Blokes Talking Tech show this week with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and Trevor Long – it’s the 200th episode of the top rating podcast that has been bringing you the latest tech news and opinions for more than four years.

It’s been a pleasure bringing you the show every week. The feedback and support from our loyal listeners has been amazing.

On this week’s 200th episode we take a look at the HTC One M9 pricing, release date and plans and the right age to buy your child a smartphone and Telstra’s tools to help parents set the rules of proper usage.

The Blokes also discuss embattled developer Belle Gibson as her Whole Pantry app was removed the App Store while Stephen recounts his interview with her at the Apple Watch launch.

Also on the show, the D-Link mini TV tuner for smartphones and tablets, the man who watched the birth of his child with the Samsung VR and the many Apple Watch accessories which are already appearing.

In the minute reviews, we take a look at the Philips Fidelio NC1 noise cancellation headphones and the Uniden Guardian App Cam.

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