Modern technology gives us many things.

Tips to help you get even more out of Windows 10


Windows PCs are everywhere. Microsoft software runs on nearly every screen from libraries and schools, in businesses and in our homes.

We’re all so used to Windows that we often forget that it comes with some special features.

These features can boost the speed of your computer or help you stream or share content.

Here are some tips to get even more out of Windows 10.

Get to know the menu

The menu remains a Windows classic. It’s easy to get to, thanks to the Windows icon that’s placed in the corner of your screen.

After you click on it, then you’ll get a list of the programs that you used the most, including shortcuts to file explorer and the settings of the computer, and access to power options.

You can change the appearance of the menu if you right-click the icon.

If you use the keyboard shortcut, you’ll get more when accessing the programs – the Task Manager, Device Manager, Control Panel and Command Prompt.

Disk cleanup

Here’s a way to make your computer work faster when PCs doesn’t have as much physical RAM as the latest computers.

Today’s laptops and PCs are more powerful and sophisticated but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the disk cleanup.

It can help when deleting certain files and also in clearing out your Recycle Bin.

For Windows 10, click inside the “Type here to search” and type “disk cleanup”, then tap the app.

Next, put the check mark to the folders you want to delete. Go for the temporary files.

Get more out of Microsoft Word

Many people use Microsoft Word, for different reasons, including writing an essay, so getting to know how to use it can make your life easier.

One of the best features is select a favourite font. You don’t have to use Times New Roman or Arial as default.

All you have to do it go to Format, then Font, select the font you want, then go to Default..

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Remove the malware

Cybersecurity is an important thing and you need to have some protection for your computer.

With Windows Defender you can be sure that you have the best security program that can prevent malware attacks in real time.