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High quality Rega Planar 2 turntable will help boost the vinyl revival


The Vinyl revival is continuing thanks to the release of high quality products like the Rega Planar 2 turntable which brings with it an iconic design and impressive sound quality that’s the result of two years development.

Now available in Australia through Synergy, the distributor of high-end audio products, the Rega Planar 2 turntable has a trademark central bearing 10mm glass platter with a gloss acrylic plinth and an all-new RB220 tonearm.

It also has redesigned feet so there’s reduced vibration.

Other new features include custom bearings and an automatic bias adjustment so it is really easy to set up.


Vinyl is the preferred medium for many audiophiles with a growing number of younger customers who have fallen in love with the warmer high quality sound.

Rega’s development has gone as far as utilising lightweight and rigid plinths that reduce resonance and avoid unnatural distortions to the music.


Rega Planar 2 also comes with a Carbon moving magnetic cartridge that’s ready to be fitted so you can get started listening to your favourite records right away.

“The turntable market is a hugely growing niche market; a small market that we’re a large part of, which is a wonderful situation to be in,” says Roy Gandy, Rega’s Founder.


“From the inception of the original Planar 2 in 1976, our team has worked tirelessly to evolve every aspect, with a dedication to improving ergonomics, usability and sonic performance.

Key Features:

RB220 tonearm – hand assembled, developed with 3D CAD technology to ensure this arm will exhibit fewer points of possible resonance.

– Plinth – high gloss acrylic laminated plinth available in two finishes: gloss black or white

– Central Bearing housing – brass main central bearing, offering improved fit and reducing stress on bearing itself

– Motor – new 24v low noise, low vibration motor assembly and new PCB

– Platter – float glass ‘Optiwhite’ 10mm – Improved accuracy platter

– Hub bearing – new 11mm self-securing brass bearing (Patent Pending)

– Re-designed feet – new improved foot assembly to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer

– Carbon cartridge – supplied as standard on all Planar 2’s for simple plug and play convenience

– Motor cover tray – with integrated cooling

– Balance Weight – 100g mid steel balance weight for accurate tonearm positioning

– Dimensions (lid closed): 11.7cm (H) x 44.7cm (W) x 36cm (D)

– Weight – 6kg


The Rega Planar 2 is available now in black or white from Synergy Audio Visual for $849.