Belkin launches new wirelessly controlled Wemo Smart Bulbs

Belkin has extended the Wemo home automation ecosystem even further with the launch of Wemo LED Smart Bulbs to control and customise your lighting.

The LED Smart Bulbs are linked to your home network and controlled by the Wemo app on your smartphone.

Each Smart Bulb has a potential life span of up to 23 years and produces the same amount as a 60-watt bulb.

Users can control when the lights come on and turn off and can even create rules based on the sunrise and sunset or set a vacation mode to simulate that you’re still home.

There’s also a dim to sleep feature so the Smart Bulb slowly dims to turn off completely over a set period of time.

It’s also possible to control Smart Bulbs individually and in groups and also set them up to work with other Wemo products in the Belkin range.

To get started you’ll need the Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set ($169.95) which includes two Smart Bulbs along with the Wemo Link that can connect to up to 50 individual smart bulbs.

Additional Wemo Smart Bulbs are available for $49.95 and available in both bayonet and screw mounts.



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