eBay says Australians are sitting on $6.4bn worth of second-hand smartphones

With the release of the Apple’s iPhone 13 and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, people will be looking to sell their current smartphone to upgrade to these latest models. eBay has revealed Australians are sitting more than $6.4 billion worth of unused mobile phones.

eBay, Australia’s most visited shopping site, says Australians are holding on to old devices that could each generate hundreds of dollars for sellers that can be put toward their new device.

A mobile phone is sold on eBay every two minutes, making it one of the most popular tech items sold on the platform and one of the fastest selling categories for pre-loved items.

The $6.4 billion figure was calculated using the average second-hand mobile phones price of the top 11 brands along with Mobile Muster data that shows that there were 24.5 million unused phones in Australia last year.

Second-hand phones account for almost a third of all mobile phone sales on eBay and the brands that find the best prices include Samsung, Apple and Google.

eBay now has an on to online tool so shoppers can determine how much their pre-loved device would be worth – a price that could be more than $400 than what would be offered for a handset trade-in.

An iPhone 11, for example, would sell for up to $643 on eBay but would only attract between $400 and $500 as a trade-in.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is worth up to $854 on eBay but the most you’d get for a trade-in would be about $420.

“Most of us have at least one handset gathering dust at home. Our data reveals Aussies could make hundreds of dollars selling their pre-loved phone – a significant amount to either put towards one of the latest phones or set aside ahead of the expensive Christmas period,” eBay Australia’s Head of Luxury and Consumer Selling, Brooke Eichhorn said.

“eBay shoppers looking to upgrade their current mobile phone can find a huge range of brand new phones including the latest models at affordable prices.

“We’re also excited to have partnered with Samsung to launch an official eBay Store where you can get the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 3 direct.”

eBay has revamped its second-hand mobile phone category to offer shoppers extra protections.

Now all sellers who list refurbished mobile phones items condition are pre-vetted with all offering 30 day returns and a one-year warranty as standard.

Tips and tricks on how to get top dollar for your used mobile phone

From creating an eye-catching listing, to using eBay’s contactless delivery options, here’s everything you need to know about reselling your smartphone on eBay:

Preparation is key: Make sure your phone is properly backed up so you don’t lose your data when you switch to your new model. For people concerned about the data on their old phones, Mobile Muster has how-to videos on how to manage phone data:

– Ease of listing: Once you have the information it is simple to list all the details with pre-filled templates for each phone model or a barcode scanner available. Add any key information your buyer should know in the description, highlighting any wear and tear

Make it eye-catching: Include at least three clear photos with natural lighting against a solid white backdrop if you can – including photos of any accessories you are selling with it

– Contactless selling: eBay is also the only selling platform that offers a fully contactless selling experience. If you buy postage on eBay with Sendle, you have the option of courier pick-up for your parcels at your home at no extra cost (compared to regular Sendle prices). We recently also added a printer-free option with Sendle if you don’t have access to a printer and you’re shipping from an eligible pick-up service location.

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