Now you can listen to Spotify music and podcasts while you’re on Facebook

Spotify has partnered with Facebook to allow listeners to enjoy their music and favourite podcasts from Spotify within Facebook on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Thanks to the new miniplayer on the Facebook platform, Spotify subscribers now don’t have to switch apps to listen to their content.

Another advantage for the miniplayer is the ability to share and discover songs and podcast episode – and all without leaving Facebook.

Spotify Premium customers can access full playback directly from Spotify while on Facebook while Free users can still enjoy the same experience via shuffle mode and accompanying ads.

Fans will also be able to play songs on the miniplayer through verified artists posts or within user uploaded videos on Facebook that contain licenced music.

Here’s how you can set up the miniplayer experience:

  1. Tap play on the song or podcast episode you, your friend, family member, or favourite creator shared from Spotify to their Facebook News Feed.
  2. The first time you’re using the player, you’ll see a consent dialog open, click on Connect to continue.
  3. If you’re logged in to Spotify, the apps will automatically switch and playback will start from within the Spotify app. (If you’re not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  4. Spotify keeps playing even if you keep scrolling down your Facebook News Feed, but you’ll have control over playback options so you can pause or dismiss the miniplayer.

This new integration will roll out in 27 markets around the world, including Australia, this month with more to come in the coming months.

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