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Sphero’s rolling robot Ollie has turned to the Dark Side


In the Star Wars films, the challenge when it comes to the all-powerful Force is not to be seduced by the Dark Side. But it seems that’s exactly what Sphero’s popular rolling robot Ollie has done.

Ollie has joined the Dark Side.

But even though Dark Side Ollie doesn’t wield a deadly red lightsaber, it does have a mean-looking new black paint job and has LED lights that change colour or be customised in your favourite colour.

It’s still the same tubular Ollie that many people know and love and it offers the same fun control and a range of tricks you can practice as well.

On either side of the device are thick wheels that means it can be used inside or out.

To help with the outdoor fun, Dark Side Ollie comes with a pair of thick nubby tyres so it can be used on different terrains.


Also included are two Flux Hubs so you can customise the Dark Side Ollie’s performance.

It is made of durable polycarbonate so it can handle the spills if you lose it on a bend or crash into anything.

Ollie can be controlled through an iPhone or Android app on your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be steered in any direction simply by moving the virtual joystick on your device’s screen.

Dark Side Ollie can reach speeds of up to 22km/h so it can satisfy your need for speed.


But going fast in one direction isn’t the only thing that Dark Side Ollie is good at.

It can also perform tricks.

Turn your smartphone on its side and the app goes into trick mode.

With various swipes and moves on the trackpad Dark Side Ollie will spin, drift and flip.

The Draw N' Drive app for  Dark Side Ollie
The Draw N’ Drive app for Dark Side Ollie

There are other apps that have been developed for Ollie including Draw N’ Drive which allows drivers to draw a pattern on the screen and Dark Side Ollie will drive it.

Dark Side Ollie will priced at $199.95 and will be available in July from Harvey Norman, Toys R Us, JB Hi-Fi, Kidstuff, Tech2Go and Myer and online at: