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Samsung SSD T1 – the portable drive that’s smaller than a credit card


Data is a valuable resource and it’s even more valuable if you can easily carry it around with you.  Samsung has made that possible with the T1 – the small and stylish portable SSD (solid state drive) external drive.

The T1 is smaller than a credit card and weighs just 30g so you can easily carry around in your pocket and take it anywhere. It is 7.1cm long and 5.3cm wide

It also has a sleek design with a black chrome metal coating and laser patterning.

And being an SSD drive with a USB 3.0 connection – it’s fast. You can transfer large files to and from Windows and Mac computers at read/write speeds of up to 450MB per second.


The drive has an exFAT file system so there’s no need to format the T1 to use on either a Mac or PC.

We saw one test where a 100GB worth of files were copied from a PC to the T1 drive in just over five minutes.

The device is ideal for those who move around a lot of data and really large files like photographers, videographers, musicians and graphic designers.


And it useful for anyone who wants a drive that can hold their favourite content to enjoy anywhere or to use as a back up of the files already on your PC.

Unlike a regular mechanical hard disk drive, SSD has no moving parts so there’s no risk of damage – and potential loss of files – if it’s dropped or moved while saving files.

The Samsung SSD T1 drive also has built-in security with AES 256-bit encryption to secure your data with a single password.


This means your data is safe and secure even if it is lost or stolen.

The Samsung SSD T1 portable drive is available now from Harvey Norman and other retailers in three capacities – 250GB ($269), 500GB ($429) and 1TB ($799).