Modern technology gives us many things.

Jabra’s Halo Fusion put your earphones within easy reach on the go


Jabra’s Halo Fusion has combined the freedom of earphones with the convenience of a neckband so you have access to your music and can easily answer you calls on the move.

With regular earphones, they tend to slip off your neck when you’re not listening to them so you’ve either got to have them in your ears or tangled up in your pocket.

Not so with the Jabra Halo Fusion.

It sits comfortably and firmly in place around your neck and puts your earphones within easy reach.


Weighing only 21g, the Halo Fusion Bluetooth earphones have noise isolating earbuds to cut off outside distractions while you’re on the phone or listening to your music on the go.

The thin and light neckband is where you’ll find all of your one-touch controls to sort your music and answer your calls.


And it’s also where the Halo Fusion’s battery is located with a microUSB charging port on the right side of the neckband.

The battery will provide up to six and half hours of talk time and listening time and will last for up to 19 days on standby.

The Jabra Halo Fusion might be lightweight in design but it still delivers powerful audio.


The Halo Fusion audio quality is impressive with crisp notes and a nice level of bass.

And phones calls were also crystal clear even in high noise areas thanks to those ear-sealing silicon buds.


Jabra’s earphones have Multiuse technology so this makes it possible to pair and play music or answer calls from two devices. And it can also remember up to eight paired devices.

And when you’re not listening you can simply pop out the earbuds and let them rest near your neck and accessible whenever you need them again.


The Jabra Halo Fusion earphones are available now and priced at $AU99.95/$NZ89.99.