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Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard review


logitechsolarIf you’re an iMac, iPad and iPhone user, Logitech’s new K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard can work with all your devices – at the same time.

The new Logitech keyboard links wirelessly to your Apple devices using Bluetooth and let’s you switch seamlessly between them.

And because it’s solar powered there’s no need to worry about batteries.

Logitech has provided the same look and feel as a Mac keyboard with the white keys on a silver base which – like the Mac keyboard- will unfortunately show up the dirt over time.

Above the keyboard is the solar panel that runs the width of the device and that will even work and recharge the keyboard indoors.

The solar panels add a fair amount of size to the Logitech keyboard and would have been a few centimetres smaller if the company opted for battery power instead.

The Logitech K760 is solar powered and has dedicated Bluetooth keys for up to three Apple devices

But having the added size and not having to worry about ever running out of power is a small trade off.

Up to three Apple devices can connect to the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with each having a dedicated key to switch between the products.

Now rather than having to type on each of your mobile devices’ touchscreens, you can now power through your emails, messages, notes and anything else that can be completed faster with a real keyboard.

Adding a keyboard to an iPad and even a iPhone can make you a lot more productive and allow you write longer emails, work on longer documents and complete other tasks.

The Logitech K760 Wireless Solar keyboard has the same look and layout as a Mac keyboard

Typing on the Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard is easy because the keys are placed a good distance apart almost the same as on the Mac’s keyboard so it’s an easy transition.

The layout of the Logitech keyboard is almost identical to the Mac keyboard so everything is exactly where you expect to find it.

If you’re tied to your Apple products and find yourself constantly switching between them all, then the Logitech K760 Wireless Solar keyboard would be a valuable addition.

Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Price: $99.95

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