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Tivoli Audio releases Radio Silenz – its first active noise cancelling headphones


radiosilenzTivoli Audio has released Radio Silenz – its very first active noise cancelling headphones – that include real wood ear cup housings for a more natural sound.

Distributed in Australia through International Dynamics, the Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz headphones are ideal for use in noisy environments like public transport on board an aircraft or anywhere else users want to focus on their music or movie.

Despite being made of wood the headphones are still lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The ear cups have closed backs and a padded on-ear design which can rotate up to 90 degrees so they are compact and easy to pack away and carry anywhere.

And being active noise cancellation headphones the Radio Silenz are battery operated with a single AAA battery providing up to 50 hours of use.

The Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz headphones are available in three wood finishes - cherry, walnut and black ash

The headphones can also be used in normal mode with noise cancellation set to off.

The control unit is not located inside the ear cups but in the cord in a compact size with a belt clip. This keeps the headphones small and light.

The noise cancellation unit is located on the cord to keep the Radio Silenz headphones small and light

Also on board is a unique “Defeat” button that can switch off the noise cancellation temporarily and fade down the audio to hear announcements and conversations without having to remove the headphones.

Radio Silenz are available in three wood finishes – walnut, cherry and black ash.

The Radio Silenz headphones are available now and priced at $199 from the Tivoli Audio website.

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